Korsholm Family Centre

Korsholm Family Centre is a network that brings together both professionals and volunteers in order to use their wide expertise to promote the wellbeing of children and families. Right now, the target group of the Family Centre is children under school age (0–6 years), but our aim is to target even families with older children and teenagers. The Family Centre can also provide physical meeting places where the network members can offer services and arrange activities.

The goal is to strengthen the wellbeing of children and families by giving them the right support at the right time. The Family Centre also wants to promote peer support, self-help groups and integration.

The Family Centre concept is a national model within the Programme to address child and family services (LAPE). The programme aims to promote child and family-oriented services by coordinating all the public and voluntary sector actors and those within the parishes who work with and for children and their families into a joint network.

Read more by clicking on the following link: Family Centre Info.

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