Compulsory Schools

Korsholm is geographically a quite extensive community with many schools. Within the community´s  compulsory schools for swedish speaking inhabitants there are fifteen schools for grade 1-6  and one large school that is common for all swedish 7-9 grade pupils.
For our finnish speaking  inhabitants we have two compulsory schools where one is for grade 1-6 and the larger one is for grade 1-6 and also common for all finnish 7-9 graders.
The pupils in our schools get their education from qualified teachers in appropriate equiped schools. Pupils with special needs have the right to support and special education. 

The schools for grade 1-6 vary in size when it comes to the amount of pupils. In 2003-2004 the smallest school had only 11 pupils while our largest had 256 pupils. The size of the class groups seldom rise above 25 pupils. The schools follow a teaching plan made out for the whole community but every school has it´s own speciality. All schools also have their own principals.

More information:
Schooldirector Maj-Len Swanljung
Tel. (06) 327 7167

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