– a Living Craftsmen´s Community

Stundars Craftsmen´s Village is a genuine environment with cottage industries where craftsmen using traditional tools and equipment work as tinsmiths, potters, stone carvers, apothecaries, millers etc. in the manner of 100 years ago.

The village contains a country store, a village school and a working form, a painter's shop still smelling of printer´s ink. There are almost 60 buildings on this museum village, the largest being the Culture House, a seasonal restaurant and the Hemmergård Museum, the childhood home of the author Jarl Hemmer.

But not only museums and environment: Stundars is also well known for its events. Each year it is the scene of Craftsmen Days, art exhibitions and other events.

More information about Stundars.

More information:
Matias Båsk 
Tel. +358 (0)6 327 7121

Last updated 2.10.2006

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