The Archipelago

Pearls in Kvarken

Make an excursion to Replot and Björköby, two pearls out in Kvarken. Discover the harshly beautiful island anvironment. Visit old-fashioned villages, venerable churches and picturesgue fishing havens. Wander along hiking trails and rest at well-chosen look-out points and quiet bays. Enjoy the hospitality of the islanders and taste the traditional fish dishes where they are at their best. If your interest is fishing, Relot and Björköby are the places, well-known for their rich fishing waters.

The local museums at Replot and Björköby. the boat and fishing museum at Södra Vallgrund and the fish salting industry in Björköby all have their historical tale to tell.

Close Contact With the Sea

What has the Eiffel tower in common with the lighthouse on the Valsörarna Islands? It happens that they were both designed by Henry Lepaute who worked inte the office of Gustav Eiffel. The lighthouse which has a height of 36 m was erected in 1886.

The Valsörarna Islands are a protected nature reserve which may be visited at all times of the year except May–July. Other interesting islands out in Kvarken, the narrowest section of the Gulf of Botnia between Finland and Sweden are Maraskär, Norrskär and Ritgrund which are well known to mariners in these waters.

If travelling by land, you will get a good idea of the environment of the outer islands by crossing the Replot Bridge to visit Klobbskat an Kikarberget.

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